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Ballcat is here!

by on Sep.27, 2010, under Ballcat Quest, Nickel Labs

A month ago, when we realized that Nickel Engine was ready for its baptism of fire, we gathered together around my computer and decided to move forward looking for the creation of our first game. The initial thought was of something rounded bouncing over an eternal suite of platforms. The idea wasn’t really original but it was easy to develop using the features already coded in our game engine.

One month later, after many hours of programming and some really weird bugs, Ballcat was there. A beautiful Ferminho’s design jumping from one platform to another smoothly on our phones. We assume it’s an initial approach of the game we imagine in the early beginning, in fact it’s just version 1.0, and we hope to continue improving it during the next weeks.

The link:

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Hello world!

by on Sep.24, 2010, under Nickel Labs

A long time ago, in times when things such as electricity (or even computers) didn’t exist, people used to play.

Wait, are you serious? You may think. Yes, I am. I know this little bit of knowledge will disturb a couple of you but, indeed, they play. Games like chess or go have thousands of years of history and still they are, being played by millions of humans (and I guess some ET’s also) daily.

But… why this speech? Well, Nickel Labs is born from the illusion of a couple of developers that adore to play and adore to see other people playing the product of their effort. Yes, we love money too if you ask, but this is not the main reason why they expend hours and hours of their free time to code some Java. Games and playing are in the blood of Nickel team as well as they are in yours, otherwise you wouldn’t keep reading this.

Jokes apart, we hope this will be the beginning of a long time together. And please, don’t forget that you, with your suggestions and support, are the main tenet of Nickel Labs and you will always be.

Be all really welcome here.

Nickel Labs.

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