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by on Jan.21, 2011, under Nickel Labs

For developers, nothing is more precious than getting feedback of their creations. In this aspect, Android Market has its limitations; it’s near to impossible to maintain a conversation about your product with end users: the main feedback channel, the always useful comments, is unidirectional. This prevents us commenting back on what you say.

Thanks to this tool we received all kinds of messages from you: constructive, not-so-constructive, kind, maybe angry. Personally, one of the comments that really made us day could be:

by Amber (January 6, 2011)
Hard game to beat, but so cute! Really fun!

And one of some that really frightened us:

by Daniel (December 19, 2010)
When I open it it force closes. Sucks.

The first one gives you a boost and makes you work like hell in your next project. The second however, makes you raise your ears and work your brains out, thinking what we did so wrong as to break our game in Daniel’s phone. The problem is, that comment doesn’t even give a hint about where to begin the search. This kind of comment sets off an inner alarm and has you worrying about a mischievous code you put someplace in the game but you cannot know where. Luckily some hours later a new comment appears stating *almost* the same:

by DAVID (December 19, 2010)
Forcer la fermeture a chake sur x10

That is more of a constructive critic. The game closes so the android user gives us one star, but at least we know that happens in a x10. That’s somewhere to begin working. One hour later, thanks to that information we find the bug and we upload a fixed version. In half a day with that buggy version in the Market, the one-star ratings duplicate. That’s a pity, but we have to thank DAVID being specific in his comment. Without it, maybe our game wouldn’t work in some devices yet.

¡Thanks everyone! Please keep on leaving comments, it really helps us in some way or another.

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